Vampire Relationship Guide–Now Available in Paperback!


I have finally been able to approve a paperback version of the book, which you can get here.There is now an official, and never-ending, stream of excitement pee running down my leg. The cover is hysterical in paperback. The vision of a worn instruction manual is totally there and the bloody fingerprints are a very nice touch. Maybe I’ll get some red ink and do a bloody fingerprint inside the autographed versions too!

I’ve gotten quite a few pre-orders for an autographed copy, and I’ll be placing those orders at the end of this week and sending out the books 7/15 to everyone who ordered one. If you want to get in on that first mailing, you can order your own autographed copy here. Please make sure you place your order by Thursday night!

I kinda look like I don't trust the thing. Like I think it's going to kill me in my sleep...


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  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it. Felt like I was missing out because I don’t have an ereader. Now I’d better get writing so I can earn some green to buy your book…

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