Win a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate–Up to Four Winners–from!


Welcome to the official launch of! As many of you already know, VampLure is the fictional magazine I created which inspired me to write the Vampire Relationship Guide series. It’s a funny e-zine that offers bad advice for vampire dating issues, interviews with vampires, fashion advice for women who date vampires, horoscopes and more.

Join us from noon until nine today on The Vampire Relationship Guide Facebook page and on Twitter where we will have discussions about vampires, videos, and dirty jokes…or something. And be sure to check out since many of our discussions will revolve around content on the site!


The goal of the party is to spread the word about what a fun site VampLure is for the paranormal romance or urban fantasy fan in your life. In order to encourage word spreading, we are asking people to send the following message on Twitter anytime today or tomorrow along with a link to their favorite article on Those who do will be entered in for the chance to win one of three $10 Amazon gift certificates. Remember, you MUST include a link to an article from in order to be entered into the contest.

Message to tweet: Have you checked out this article on

Every person who tweets the message will be entered (only one entry per person, although if you like the site you should tweet about it often!) and on June 3rd, I’ll announce the winners right here!

But Wait…There’s More

VampLure only allows comments from registered users. Registration is free and not only does it allow you to comment the site, it also ensures that you will get an email notification each month when the new issue hits the screen AND that you get information about special deals, contests and other really cool stuff. Also, we promise not to send more than two emails a month so you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with fangalicious spam.

One lucky person who registers this week will win a $10 Amazon gift certificate! And you could win BOTH the gift certificate for registering AND for Tweeting! To find out more and get a link to the registration page, go here.


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