We Have a Winner!!


After a good, long think, I chose Michele Vance as the VRG2 beta reader. Her suggested location was:

Orlando, Florida. Vamps and roller coasters, what more could you want? Unless it is bungie jumping or old cars.

You might think I chose her because my vamps are in Florida, or because I just giggled like a GIRL thinking about Walker on a Roller Coaster, but the truth is that the old car comment really got to me. If you have ever hung out with anyone older than you, then you know that they can tell you stories about old cars. Some tell you stories about the making of an old car, based on their memories of it coming out. Others tell you stories about how their parents had XYZ model. But something happens to people when they see cars from their past–and what are vampires if not walking time capsules?

As some of you know, my hubby is a good bit older than me and recently, for his birthday, I took him to an automobile museum in Sarasota. It was getting close to the release date for the first book and I was dreading the trip because I HATE old cars and was super busy. But I love hubby so, away we went. To my surprise, I had an awesome time listening to hub’s stories of classic cars he and his parents used to drive and watching hub’s face light up at models like the old Pontiac Bonneville. So not only was this a good answer, it made me happy because it reminded me of the hubster.

Awesome input everyone, though I’m sure some of YOUR hubbies might not like your invitations for vamps to visit you (LMAO). Michele–I’ll email you next week with the details!


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