Contest: Be a VRG2 Beta Reader!


If you’ve been following along on this blog tour for The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating, then you know that this is it—the end of the road. The final stop.

Prizes! WEEEEEEE!!

But of course, with a title that includes the subtle foreshadowing of words like, Volume 1, you know there’s more to come, right? Right! The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 2: Vacations and Transformations is scheduled for release in August–AUGUST! But I can’t just write the book and throw it on out there, there is a process to be observed. I must write, critique partners must critique, and beta readers must beta read—all before I can even get the manuscript to my editor!

So for the final contest at the end of this tour, I am going to pick someone to be one of those pre-editing beta readers. As a beta reader, you’ll get to see a flawed, poorly grammared, misspelled manuscript. You’ll read said manuscript and you’ll tell me what you think works in terms of the series as it is, and what you think doesn’t work. I can’t guarantee that all your suggestions will be put to use, but you will definitely get a say. Also, you will get a free copy of the actual ebook once it’s released.

How to Win

I have to erect some sort of crazy entry requirements in order to make this contest more fun. Simple comments and random picking wouldn’t do, no way. So here’s what I’m thinking. I recently started an online magazine based on Josie’s world— In this online magazine we have fashion articles, vampire interviews, vampire dating advice, horoscopes and more, but what we don’t have is any travel advice or articles.

Since I need to add a travel section, but am completely empty of ideas, I want you guys to step in. In the comments section below, tell me what state/ city/ country, etc. you think would be awesome for a vampire vacation and why. Be as creative as possible, because the comment to get the strongest reaction out of me wins the beta reading spot and gets their idea written up as a magazine article and added to the VampLure site! And yes, I will make sure I’ve had my TRENTA before reading all of them so that no comment has a highly-caffeinated advantage. I will be picking a winner at the end of the week, so y’all have until 6PM EST Friday to think about it.

Note to Entrants

If you enter the contest, please note that you will get your copy of the AARC (advanced, ADVANCED reader copy) during the beginning of June and I’d really need your feedback back no later than June 30th. Also, it would be best if you’ve already read, or plan to read, the first volume before reading the AARC.


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  2. I can’t enter but I’d say Safford, AZ in the US. Why? Let me be even MORE specific… MY BEDROOM in Safford, AZ in the US. Hahaha I couldn’t resist. Vampires are so uber sexy and are my favorite supernatural creature. Walker is the perfect vamp and if he’s wanting to vacation – I can show him the “sites”… hahaha I’m so bad.. I better hide this response from my husband *grins* Great tour Evelyn! Good luck everyone 🙂

  3. How about Goa, India. Its a beautiful place with lots of lush green fields and amazing gothic architecture. Plus its known for its beaches and cashew plantations and we know how to make our own alcohol. Extra dry! ❤

    Added bonus : I live there. Personal guide anyone?? And I mean extremely personal! =D

  4. Orlando, Florida. Vamps and roller coasters, what more could you want? Unless it is bungie jumping or old cars.

  5. South Pole during April – September / North Pole during October – March.
    Why? Polar nights of course.

    What other place would have 24/7 uptime for vampires, who don’t really sleep, and it’s not like the surroundings will stop them. AND they will have exotic places to visit where the dreadfully boring humans can’t follow them! (Well some snack maybe brought with them, well packed in thermal clothes. ;))

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