Of Bugs and Deadlines


It’s hot here in Florida, and that means bugs.

Bugs like…


I cannot even look at this picture without getting goosebumps of pure horror.


This means at least twice a month, I flee my laundry room screaming as if I’m being murdered by a crazy man with a wire hanger and my husband ignores my screams because they are caused by one of the most disgusting, but harmless, bugs on the planet. My cats, lazy bastards that they are, also ignore my frantic squeals for help and instead raise their legs for an aggressive session of ass licking. Frankly, while I love living in Florida for its beautiful beaches, it’s not really worth all this bug drama. In New England, we did not have mammoth, skittery, nasty germy things with flailing antennae.

But moving due to palmetto bugs isn’t exactly practical, and I don’t think it comes with a tax deduction for moving expenses so…curses, foiled again.

In Other News

Due to excessive and dangerous optimism on my part, I need to push back the release date for book 2. Now, because I do actually take this seriously, I will not be pushing back again unless all the palmetto bugs in the state conspire to make me insane between now and August.

So, I’m giving the release date a shiny new, August 2011 deadline.  Between now and then I’ll be giving you little excerpts and sneak peeks while also revealing a cover, book trailer and the like. So it’s not total withdrawal until then, we’re just building a little healthy tension.


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