You’re Invited to The Vampire Relationship Guide Release Party!


You can click on the pic above to get a closer look at the invitation…or you can read the following:

  • Host:
    Evelyn Lafont/ The KeyboardHussy
  • When:
    Thursday, March 31 from 12:00 PM to Friday, April 01 at 12:00 AM
  • Where:
    The Vampire Relationship Guide Facebook page

Join the author of The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating for a release day party!

During this all day and all night event, we’ll have discussions about vampires, sex, urban fantasy, and all things paranormal.

Throughout the day, Evelyn will post videos featuring her ever-increasing drunkenness and penchant for drinks with an umbrella. She’ll also be posting links to music, reactions to the Facebook discussions and information about her book.

But wait…there’s more! When you take part in any of the discussions on the Facebook page you will be entered in to a drawing to win one of many fabulous prizes like:

  • A ‘read’ necklace from the Sweet Fairy Boutique store on Etsy

  • $5 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble

  • $5 gift certificate to

  • A vampire teeth necklace from the Sweet Fairy Boutique store on Etsy

So put on your sexy shoes, fill your coffee mug with the rum you’ve got hidden under your desk and stop by anytime between 12PM and midnight and get your book release party on!

*If you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry! We’ll be tweeting up a storm that day using the hashtag, #VRG1.


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